About WildFor

The National Wildlife Forensics Facility (WildFor) is located at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen. The facility is a non-profit laboratory; the fees we charge for sample analysis go into reagents, staff costs and research programs.

Key staff 

Eline D. Lorenzen, PhD (co-founder) and Anders J. Hansen, PhD (co-founder).

Together we have more than 20 years of experience in wildlife population genetics, molecular biology, ancient DNA, individual and species identification, forensic casework, forensic method development, quality assurance and validation, and accreditation and implementation of international ISO standards.

We have analysed material from a variety of organisms using DNA including polar bears, antelopes, peregrines and extinct species such as woolly rhinoceros. 

Dr. Eline Lorenzen

Dr. Eline Lorenzen has a strong research background in population genetics and ancient DNA. She started her scientific career with forensic casework, and has since broadly pursued projects within wildlife population genetics.  Dr. Lorenzen is a member of WWF Denmark’s presidium, IUCN (World Conservation Union), Antelope Specialist Group and IUCN Equid Specialist Group.

Dr. Anders J. Hansen

Dr. Anders J. Hansen has a history in method development, implementation of forensic techniques and quality assurance in forensic genetics. In the eight years prior to joining the Natural History Museum of Denmark, Dr. Hansen headed the paternity and development groups at the Section of Forensic Genetics, University of Copenhagen.

Dr. Morten Tange Olsen

Dr. Morten Tange Olsen has a background in population genetics and ecology. He takes a holistic approach to wildlife research, seeking to combine methods and data across disciplines to answer questions in wildlife ecology and evolution, including conservation and management. Dr. Olsen is a member of national and international marine mammal expert groups, providing research and management recommendations.

Postdoc Alba Rey de la Iglesia

Alba Rey de la Iglesia is a Postdoc at the Natural History Museum of Denmark. She has a background in conservation genetics and ancient DNA. Her main tasks at Wildlife Forensic are performing laboratory work and data analysis.